Our mission is to improve respect for human rights in the Americas through research, education, and citizen, government, and corporate action.

REACH: Research - Education - Action - Change is comprised of a unique mix of professionals with a wide range of experience across countries and topical areas.

REACH offers companies, NGOs, and governments our unique experience and expertise, as well as our network of on-the-ground contacts and in-depth knowledge of project design, management, and administration to ensure that your projects are innovative, successful, far-reaching, and sustainable. 

REACH offers consulting services related to human rights, corporate social responsibility, migration, labor rights, human trafficking, violence, and many other issues.


Research - Education - Action - Change


Areas of expertise: 
Human and labor rights, Corporate social responsibility, Migration, Women's empowerment, Human trafficking, Societal, sexual and domestic violence and many other issues.





Members of the REACH team include researchers, educators, community development professionals, lawyers, and advocates. While there is a great deal of diversity among REACH’s members, all share characteristics that define REACH: dedication to a high standard of quality; strong educational backgrounds; a robust track record of carrying out successful on-the-ground projects; and an ability to interact with and gain the trust of both business and government representatives, as well as the marginalized populations with whom we work.

 REACH’s founder and director was born and raised in Guatemala and has lived in Central and South America, and the United States. She is a bilingual and bicultural researcher, educator, and advocate. She has ample experience in desk and field research, development and implementation of educational and women’s empowerment projects, social auditing, community-led development, and advocacy. She has worked on a wide range of human rights issues, including societal, sexual and domestic violence, immigration, and forced labor and human trafficking. She holds a Master’s degree in Project Design, Management, and Administration from la Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña in Spain and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from la Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala and has carried out projects in the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and South Africa.

  • Improving Supply Chain Transparency, Monitoring, and Accountability in Guatemala's Coffee Sector.
  • Research on laws and the implementation environment in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, and Chile for Verite's annual Emerging Markets Research Project.

  • Mujer Jaguar Project.
  • Memories of the civil war widows of Santiago Atitlan, Guatemala.
  • Research on Violence and Reconciliation during Guatemala’s civil war.